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PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2015 6:57 pm    Post subject: Guild Charter

Until I find a proper home for this on the new site....


Aspiration Guild Charter

Aspiration is a "real life friendly" guild on the EU server Kilrogg. We aim to maintain a friendly, lively and mature community, who enjoy playing WoW but who also have lives outside of the game and level at their own pace rather than at a speed more normally associated with the words "bat" and "out of hell". All nationalities are welcomed within our guild but we do require that members have a decent level of written English since that is the 'official' guild language. Leet speak and bad language (ie. swearing) are discouraged. Raids and events tend to take place in a GMT time frame, usually in the evenings, and attendance is non-mandatory and on a sign up basis.

Aims and Objectives

  • To strive to be able to support our members in what they want to achieve.

  • To work together to make our shared WoW experience the best it can be.

  • To make the name of Aspiration respected.

  • To explore end game PvE instances on a "real life friendly" basis and also partake in PvP battlegrounds and events

  • To have fun together!


The members of Aspiration:

  • Ask for guild help only when they really need it, knowing that other members will stop what they're doing to help another member in real need.

  • Help out other guild members when they can knowing that guild members won't ask unless they really need help.

  • Strive to forge and strengthen friendships between members.

  • Remember at all times that there is an badge over your head wherever you are, so remain polite and courteous to everyone around you, guildies and non-guildies alike deserve and should always be shown respect.

  • Abide by the Raid Rules during guild raids

The use of any third party software or any 'services' banned by Blizzard is frowned upon and could lead to your expulsion from the guild.

It has been established that any items or services offered to guild should remain free of charge. By all means request the reagents you need to make something for someone, but don’t charge them for making it.

If you have agreed to attend a guild event, raid, group etc at a certain time, please show up and be there on time. This is basic courtesy.


The basic rule here is NEED before GREED. In other words only roll NEED on an item that is currently an upgrade to you and which you will use immediately. If no one currently needs the item, or would use it, by all means feel free to roll for greed on Bind on Equip items. For
Bind on Pick-up items you should roll need if you need it otherwise pass, enchanters may roll greed for disenchant. If everyone passes then an open roll will be conducted. Remember, loot will always drop again, the friends you can lose by being greedy are far harder to replace. For current progression raids master looter is used. Please see raid rules for more details.

Combat looting is very annoying as it distracts players and also can mean you are not helping out in the fight when you should be. Also looting out of combat but when there are dead party members present is not acceptable. Wait for rezzes before looting, especially after a boss fight.


If you have any problems while you are a member of Aspiration, please contact an officer. We are here to help you and will do all we can to assist in the resolution of the matter.

Anyone deliberately and repeatedly going against the guild charter (including the raid rules), or who we receive complaints about from other members, will be contacted by officers and depending on the outcome action will be taken. This could range from a warning to loss of rank, DKP deductions or in extreme cases expulsion from the guild. Please be reassured that all incidents will be investigated fairly, and no action will be taken unless it is justified.

Entry Requirements

Above all else, Aspiration is about quality. All members are competent players, but more importantly, they are good people. This is essential.


Alts are welcomed within Aspiration. If you decide to stop playing any guilded alt we ask that you let us know so that we can remove them from guild, this helps keep the roster tidy. If you have alts that you regularly play in other guilds, but wish to Join Aspiration to occasionally raid with us, then you can at most reach the rank of "AFK", and your application would need to be backed by existing members. If you wish to rise above AFK, then you must ensure that all your Alliance characters on Kilrogg are either unguilded or are moved into Aspiration. (Some exceptions will apply for Bank alts and twinks.)
If a member of Aspiration removes their main character from the guild, then all their alts will also be removed from the guild.

If you remain inactive in guild for more than 1 month WITHOUT posting any reason on forums then you will be considered to be inactive on this server and may be removed from guild. This is in order to keep the roster clean so we know exactly how many of each class we have active within guild.

Logistical Rules

For logistical reasons, guild members agree to:

  • Visit the guild message boards often - ideally at least every other day or so.

  • Be active in guild meaning be online at least once a week unless you are on holiday etc. If this is the case, please leave a message on the forums, and don’t forget to bring us back plenty of whatever the local speciality is (wine, beer, chocolates etc).


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