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Aspiration is a casual Alliance guild on Kilrogg for mature players who want to play the game and have fun. If you want to raid, or craft, or just sit in IF singing while naked, there's a place here for you.

As we made our way through Argus, and finally took care of Sargeras, we look back at all the adventures we have had in Azeroth, Outlands, Northrend, the Cataclysm, Pandaria and of course Draenor.  We look forward to all that Battle for Azeroth and future expansions bring.  If you want to be part of a friendly atmosphere more like family than a job, then drop us an application and join the party.
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Aspiration Autumn update!

by Zen (Mike), 49 days ago

Happy Autumn to everyone! 

We are a few months into the Battle for Azeroth and things are ticking over quite nicely at the moment. 

We started the expansion in a pretty good place, although with an influx of new and returning members, we ended up with over 40 people wanting to raid and the first three weeks of the expansion actually ran two raid teams. This was always a short term thing and no one was particularly happy about it, but it was the best and only option if we wanted to remain inclusive for all members who wanted to raid! 

We closed the doors for recruitment at that point as we just felt that we were getting too large, and splitting the raids was not a long term option. The numbers have settled down since then, the usual new expansion optimism waning a bit and a few members leaving the guild. I feel that this has left us in a very good place. We are averaging between 15 - 20 members on most raids and managing to get some decent participation in guild organised mythic plus evenings, which is great to see as it used to be only a few members doing them in small groups.

In raiding terms, we are averaging 15 - 20 signups for most raids, and we are progressing nicely through Uldir. We cleared normal in the first couple of weeks, and are making solid progression through heroic. This reset we switching to two nights of heroic raiding rather than a night of heroic and a night clearing normal, and this meant we could kill two new bosses on Mondays raid. We started the evening hoping to have a few tries of Zul and learn the fight a bit, and killed him within a few pulls. Mythrax took a couple of hours, but with some strategy tweaks and some time to learn the fight on heroic, we killed him the same evening, and it was an extremely clean kill, just one person dead when Mythrax fell. Not quite the usual Aspiration way on a challenging heroic kill, usually we like to only have one or two raiders left standing as the boss falls dead. I am sure we will make up for it on G'huun, as no doubt Trilliam is itching for a chance to re-live his Kil'Jaeden glory day!

We are well on track to maintaining our Ahead of the Curve streak, having achieved that comfortably in every raid since Legion started, so thank you to all of our members for that!

We have recently re-opened the doors for recruitment, and have taken in a couple of new members, so welcome to them! For people interested in joining Aspiration and raiding with us, we are pretty set at the moment in terms of Tanks, Healers and Melee dps! We are only really short ranged dps, and we do not want the raid size to grow above 20 again, so whilst we are happy to consider applicants, we will go for quality over quantity - not in terms of raid experience etc, but in terms of the right kind of people that we think will fit in, so please bear that in mind if you are considering applying to join us! Whilst we always try to be inclusive on our raids, we cannot always accommodate additional roles!

Lastly, we recently ran a Tabard competition which resulted in a guild re-brand. We have a fantastic new tabard which fits in perfectly with the guilds name and meaning, Aspiration! Thank you Missbee for the winning submission. In light of this, we are running an in-guild transmog competition! We are looking for the best transmog, with the only caveat being that it must include the guild tabard! Closing date is Thursday 8th November!

Overall, I feel Aspiration is as strong as ever, and as one of the oldest guilds on the Kilrogg realm (as it was before realm mergers!), it makes me feel proud to be part of Aspiration. Thank you to all of the fantastic members who make it the great guild that it is!

Roll on Christmas, 8.1 and new challenges!



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