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Alts and general thoughts on farmnights


Hello everyone,


Just a more detailed version on what we've decided when it comes to people bringing their alts to farmnights. Everyone is ofc welcome to try out alts within our raidingdays, but we have to take progress on that night in consideration. Therefor we want to update the raidcharter a little bit. 

At this stage of the game alts are only welcome on farmnights. We're still progressing on heroic, and the guild as a whole does not benifit from you wanting to bring an alt on thursdays. This does not apply to people who are rerolling. For those people the general gearcheck/ilvl requirements apply. If you're rerolling, please inform us via this forum or in a /w to any of the officers.

Starting next monday there will be room for 2-3 alts, depening on the raid-signups. Small raidgroups means less alts. This doest not mean every farmnight will be filled up with 2-3 alts. It is an indication on how much we're willing to take.

If you would like to raid with an alt, sign up with it. The officers will consider you before the raid, but we can not garantee that you will be raiding with the alt you've signed up with. Have you had a raidnight with your alt one week, other people get prio next week. That way everyone gets the chance to change once in a while. This does not apply to you when the officers ask you to raid with an alt. We strongly encourage people to also alt-raid with something else then their mainspec, so the classes that dont get alot chance to play an alt get an equil chance aswel.

We also prioritize undergeared mains above alts. This means someone that has been afk for a while, or is new to the guild with somewhat lower ilvl, gets prio to tag along.

Has your main still alot to benifit from Nighthold-normal? You get a lower prio on bringing an alt. This means we take your ilvl on your main in consideration. As we want to progress on Heroic on thursdays, you will help the guild more by sticking to your main, rather then your alt. This does not apply to people who have made it clear they are rerolling. If so, please post on forum or tell the officerteam.

Chatter on discord

Then a general comment on how farmnights are going at this moment. We get some complaints from a few members on how the atmosphere on discord, and the general approach/attitude is on farmnights. Without calling anyone out, we would like to ask people to take it slower on the cursing, sexist jokes and the general trash-talk towards eachother. We do advertise we're a mature guild. Right now its more like an episode of Jersey-shore. It also getting rude at times and some people are offended. Lastly, our peformence on bosses and trashpacs has gone downhill by alot. Try to think something through before you blabber it out. Not everyone is as vocal as others, so keep your offending jokes to yourself. 

The second thing is the motivation/focus/attitude towards boss-fights. Everyone likes a chat on disco, but it can not intervene between us (not) downing a boss. Same goes for trashpacs. A decent focus is required to down bosses. Again, keep others in mind. Not everyone does partake in the banter on discord, this could be for a reason!

Thank you for your reading.







Can't disagree with anything above, and I'll hold my hand up personally to not concentrating/playing to my full potential on some Monday's, particularly last night as I am horrendously bad at rogue(and DK!).

Would also like to apologise if anyone's found anything I've said to be a little OTT, I can get a little over exited, especially whenever sheep are mentioned! In future just send me a tell and I'll tone it down! 

On on a lighter note the line 'it's more like and episode of Jersey shore' was a personal highlight! 


I would like to cuncur with Benners; I haven't been concentrating quite as well as I could have on the farm nights, and I too am horrendously bad at playing a rogue.

Believe it or not, I am even worse at playing other classes so I have no plans to take an alt to raids anytime soon, or switching raids for that matter. I'll be happy to keep attending on my main to help alts and new mains gear up as often as I can. Won't be here for next farm night due to RL commitments, but will join again after that.

Last week we cleared the whole of NH very smoothly, only one wipe on Gul'dan and with almost an hour of raid time to spare. I think that made us too complacent and led to us making way too many mistakes yesterday. Sure, it's only Normal, but mechanics still wipe us if 1/2 of the raid is concentrating on banter instead of the fight, and wiping adds a lot of extra time and frustration on farm nights. They are unnecessary and annoying.

I also recognize my personal contribution to this, and like Benners I too would like to apologize if I have been rude to anyone whom it offended. I enjoy the banter and jokes, but don't want to make anyone feel unwelcome or anything like that. I will try to watch it, but it can be hard to assess if people are uncomfortable when you can't see them (or in some cases even hear!) If I cross the line despite my efforts not to, know that I don't mean it like that, throw me a /w so I can adjust accordingly. And I'm always open to a nice conversation about it!


I try and focus most of the times espec bossfights.. trashpacks i agree i wasnt focusing much yesterday when it came to trashpacks, but i agree with that aspect and i also think some of the issues appear also due to the so called "legion burnout" or "nighthold burnout" as its also called, and i do think some of us are more affected by it than others, which is understandable at this point. dont think theres been an xpac with this much to do all the time (which is good and bad ofc like everything else).  

i know im a BIG contribution to the banter and i know i have very offensive jokes and that i can be very politically incorrect at times, i do understand if people have gotten offended by my silly talk and jokes and i would like to extend an apology to everry1 that ive offended, im always open for a serious talk about it.

secondly sometimes i know im very vocal and sometimes im very quiet, it has a bit to do with my condition and if im on meds or not, when im in pain i become very quiet and the other part is if i take my meds i can become very vocal but i will try to be not so spontaneus or how ever u spell it when im on my meds.


Well said Ulver.


2-3 feels about right at the moment. Of course it's a sliding scale, and it may even be the case that we can carry 1 or 2 more for the first 3-6 bosses or even drop to 1 only for the last boss or 2....It all depends on how many OP dps or heals that we have on a given night.


re: Language etc... Despite being a mature guild, many of us have families. Once upon a time we had a 2100 watershed... i.e. Keep the guild and raid chat free of profanities before 2100... Afterwards it was fair game (not withstanding other comments on focus)....


I'd like to leave it to people's judgement on language, but I know there are somethings I'd rather my daughter didn't hear if she walked in to watch Aspiration kill a boss....


IF we can't be sensible about policing ourselves we may have to reinstate the 2100 rule.





As a newcomer to the guild, I have no problem with the banter in the raids, although I understand why some people might not like it.

But our focus in the raid on monday was honestly terrible. I take my share of the blame, as i went with an undergeared alt that I can't play that well yet.

As for how many alts in the raid, I think we shouldn't have more than one on Gul'dan, at least for the next few raids, as he's still quite tough without proper focus and gear.


Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast

I think we shouldnt mix the alt topic with the raid chat.

On the given night, we had a very loose atmosphere in the Chat (midly said) and I actually found it very funny but in conjucture the focus was low and we wiped on stuff we shouldnt, not even with the raid Setup we brought. It is for me up to the individiual to refocus and start playing to ability. Ofc the RL can say something harsh to stop it, but I dont want to blame Zen for anything, he's doing such a great work with us. But indeed, think about "just shutting up" for a while if the raid success at that time is not good. :) A relaxed funny atmosphere is still possible outside of critical boss phases/fights. 

Alt: Only think about bringing an alt that is appropriate to the Content, there is tons of ways to gear to 865 outside of guild raids very quickly, even more so once 7.2. hits. I strongly support the 2-3 per raid. I only am inclined to join on my rogue when I know there will be almost nothing to heal anyway on Sol...

See you online



/Don't grow up, it's a trap!

Alts I also think about 2-3 for normal raids is ok, maby even 1 or 2 for atleast the first bosses on heroic, but for the moment not much more.

I dont mind if people talk on discord eighter, but when we come to bosses, we realy should focus way better, though all the swearing I have heard in the last raids, could honestly be a little bit toned down, thing is we have quite a lot of new players whit us now to, so I would not mind a little bit taking it easy.

having fun is fine for me, even talking dirty is, if it is an funny way, but hearing the word fuck like lots of times is starting to be little bit annoying at times.

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