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The application submitted by Siikais731 is as follows:

Name : siikais731
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Kilrogg
Level : 110
Gender : Male
Faction : Alliance
Race : Human
Class : Rogue
Spec 1 : Subtlety
Spec 2 : Assass.

WoW Armory
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Have you read the Guild Charter:

Do you agree to abide by the guild charter?:

Please describe your Wow experience and/or experience of other MMOs or games in general:
Started playing late TBC and still playing. (Had some small breaks of course due to irl stuff) Active both PVE and PVP (Bg's/WPVP mostly) Like to explore azeroth.

Please list any previous guilds you have been a member of in the last 2 years, and state your reasons for leaving.:
Mostly i've been in my own guild which is called "PRO" and was created back in TBC. Guild is mostly been used for friends, alts and some raiding in CATA. As most of my friends don't play anymore i'm using it only for alts.

Please tell us a little about yourself, age, nationality, interests, etc: :
22 Years old male. Concrete worker. From Norway. Languages: Norwegian, English, Latvian, Russian and learning Polish.
Have you ever seen a guy that is online everytime you're online? Yes, you guessed right, i'm that guy. :)

Can you say what you are looking for and what do you expect from Aspiration?:
I'm looking for cool people to play with since i'm sick of toxic people in pugs and pretty much all my friends have quit this game for whatever reasons.

Do you know any existing members of Aspiration? Who, How?:
Elladove. Cool person, relaxing to talk with.

How did you hear about Aspiration? Why do you want to join us?:
I found post in a forum and decided to give it a shot and see how things go. You never know if you don't try. :)


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